December 22, 2013 admin

I am happy to announce that the Stonefactory will be exhibit at the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014.

Helsinki Photography Biennial

opens on 27 March 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. It is a series of events on photo/lens-based contemporary art, organized every two years in spring by the Union of Artist Photographers in Finland. The theme of the 2014 biennial examines causal relations regarding ecological issues. The biennial is curated by Başak Şenova,a curator and designer based in Istanbul. Furthermore, Başak Senova has invited Branko Franceschi (Zagreb) to co-curate a special section for the biennial.

Helsinki Photography Biennial is honored to present 19 projects by the following artists:

Ali Cherri
, Barbaros Kayan
, Braco Dimitrijević
, Daniel García Andújar
, Hana Miletic
, Jawad Al Malhi, 
Jesper Just
, Marja Helander
, Mary McIntyre
, Oliver Ressler, Olof Jarlbro
, Raqs Media Collective
, Serkan Taycan, 
Société Réaliste
, Tamas Dezso, 
Tomislav Gotovac
, Tuula Närhinen, 
Willie Doherty, 
Yane Calovski

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