Coming exhibition “The Breath” at H22 City Expo

May 13, 2022
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May 13, 2022 admin
As a human being you breathe 12-20 times/min, 8 million times/year and about 600 million times during your life. The air you breathe is the source of life and recreation – a scarce resource we need to take care of.
The exhibition #TheBreath presents Swedish and international photographers, artists, researchers and activists and shows photographic works based on the importance of the breath and the air we breathe.
Held in Helsingborg, Sweden, June – August in the framework of H22 City Expo. Presented by Nederman #NEDArt in corporation with Dunkers kulturhus through Martin Schibli. Curated by Veronica Wiman. Exhibition setting by Uponwalls
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