Poly - Global plastic pollution and the social impacts on society.

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Polyethylene (PE) the most common type of plastic, hence the project’s name “Poly” The research figures are alarming, it is estimated that around 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world’s oceans each year and this on top of the estimated 150 million tonnes currently circulating in our marine environments. In fact, plastic production and consumption are predicted to double over the next ten years. 

Plastic pollution is something I have come into contact with a lot as a documentary photographer and even before I started focusing on plastic environmental pollution, plastic often tended to be at the root of one or more social problems. 

The photo project in its entirety will be presented as a solo exhibition of 500 square meters at Dunker’s museum in Helsingborg, followed by the book release “Poly” and an in-depth artist talk.

A few years ago I met Jay-Jay a little boy who lost his parents and to get food for the day he swam in Tondo’s crappy harbor entrance to collect enough plastic to buy himself some food. The worst thing about the Jay-Jay story is that there are thousands of girls and boys who share the same fate.

For more information and interest about the project and coming book. Please send us email: info@olofjarlbro.net

"– Plastic is a complex global problem. But if we are to have that dialogue, let’s start the work at the so-called front lines of plastic pollution and from there tie the thread to the rest of the world."

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