August 7, 2010 admin

“Olof Jarlbro’s book, Stonefactory , shows the lives of Nepalese workers in a pair of stone mills outside of Kathmandu where bare hands and strong backs are the tools. Jarlbro’s black and white images highlight hardworking people going through their lives with dignity. The photographs show no escape from the work, piles of stones of various size fill the background and edges of the frames in nearly every image. ““Jarlbro reveals a hidden Nepal. His respect for his subjects is evident – a number of the images are portraits in nature. ”

“Jarlbro photographed these workers off and on over a six year period. He does turn these workers into heros. The photographic power of description tells a direct story in a way that is both contemporary and timeless. It is a story told out of respect. —


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